Educational Accreditation Bodies with Contact Details in Portugal

Since 2007, the Portuguese Accreditation Agency (Agencia de Acreditacao) was in charge for the national ranking of the higher education institutions and qualifications in Portugal.  The agency is managed and run by the state. The Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education - A3ES ( Agencia de Avaliacao e Acreditacao do Ensino Superior) was responsible for accreditation of the higher education in 2010. In the year 2012 was released the first comprehensive accreditation report. In Portugal, there are many professional bodies that run their own accreditation systems and they are referred as Ordens. 

All higher education institutions-university and polytechnics are regulated as per the same accreditation and evaluation procedure. The process comprises of two stages:
Stage 1: Initial approval of study programmes by the independent Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES)
Stage 2: Official recognition of higher education is granted by the Directorate-General for Higher Education (DGES), a division of the Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

In Portugal, higher education quality assurance mechanism has been based on the Higher Education Evaluation Act, 1994. This act was composed jointly by the contractual model and the Conference of Rectors of Public Universities (CRUP) and it lead to the formation of the National Council for the Evaluation of Higher Education (CNAVES), which is a national quality assurance agency of higher education in Portugal.

Accreditation Authority

A3ES - Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (In Portuguese: Agencia de Acreditacao )

The A3ES is in charge for the evaluation and accreditation of Portuguese higher education institutions and their degree programmes.  It furthers the integration of Portugal in the European higher education quality assurance system, and additionally establishes the accreditation standards and norm. 

Contact details:
A3ES - Agencia de Avaliacao e Acreditacao do Ensino Superior
Address: Praca de Alvalade 6 - 5. Frente
1700-036 Lisboa
Phone: 351 21 351 16 90 / 351 21 790 78 00
Fax: 351 21 351 16 91

Other Educational National Bodies

Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (Ministerio da Ciencia, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior)

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education is in charge of setting up the policies, guidelines and regulations of the higher education system in Portugal.

Contact details:
Address: Palacio das Laranjeiras, Estrada das Laranjeiras, 
205 - 1649-018205 - 1649-018 Lisboa
Tel.: 217 231 000 
Fax: 217 271 457

Ministry of Education (Ministerio da Educacao)

The Ministry of Education is responsible for managing, implementing and assessing the educational policies, from basic to higher education. The Ministry of Education main aim is the evaluation of institutions, students, qualifications, teachers, projects, and study programmes.

Contact details:
Address: Avenida 5 de Outubro, 107-13 
1069-018 Lisbon
Tel: 217 811 800 
Fax: 217 811 835

Directorate-General of Higher Education (Direccao Geral do Ensino Superior, or DGES)

The Directorate General of Higher Education provides support to the government and the Agency for assessment and accreditation of higher education, in defining and organizing the higher education institutions. It also manages the proceedings associated with the admissions in higher education. It also supports the mobility of pupils of Portuguese higher education in Europe. 

Contact details:
Address: Av Duque D'Avila, 137. 
1069-016 Lisboa 
Phone: 213 126 000 
Fax: 213 126 001

National Council for Education (Conselho Nacional de Educacao)

The National Education Council provides its viewpoints and recommendation on issues related to the Portuguese education. It is an independent body 

Contact details:
Address: Street Florbela Espanca 
1700-195 Lisbon 
Tel: ( 351) 217 935 245 
Fax: ( 351) 217 979 093 
General Email:

Portuguese Conference of University Rectors (Conselho de Reitores das Universidades Portuguesas, CRUP)

The CRUP is responsible for organizing and managing university education in Portugal and comprises of permanent members of all public universities and the Catholic University of Portugal. It participates in the developing the national education plans and strategies; and issues opinion on the budgetary matter and changes required in public university education. 

Contact details:
Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities (CRUP)
Address: The building - Campus Lumiar 
Palace Road Lumiar 
1649-038 Lisbon
Tel: 213 602 950/213 602 952 
Fax: 213 640 011

Coordinating Council for Polytechnic Institutes (Conselho Coordenador dos Institutos Politecnicos, or CCISP)

The Coordinating Council of Higher Polytechnic Institutes, established in 1979, is the joint representative authority of public higher polytechnic education. It manages the polytechnic higher education system in Portugal; develop policies related to polytechnics, and issues opinions on budgetary matters. 

Contact details:
Address: Av. 5 October, No. 89, 3rd floor 
Lisbon 1050-050 Portugal
Phone:  ( 351) 217 928 360
Fax: ( 351) 217 928 369

National Council for the Evaluation of Higher Education (Conselho Nacional de Avaliacao do Ensino Superior, or CNAVES)

The National Council for the Evaluation of Higher Education is responsible for quality external assessment of higher education.

Contact details:
 CNAVES (National Council for Higher Education Assessment) 
Address: Square Industries 
 Rose Building, 2 
1300-307 Lisbon 
Phone: 213 616 140
Fax: 351(21) 3616149 

Portuguese Association for Private Higher Education (Associacao Portuguesa do Ensino Superior Privado, or APESP)

The Portuguese Association of Private Higher Education is a consortium of non-state higher education institutions that is responsible for conducting studies that lead to the improvement in the higher education system of Portugal. 

Contact details:
APESP (Portuguese Association of Private Higher Education) 
Address: Av. the Republic No. 47, 1 disc. 
1050-188 Lisbon 
Phone: 217 994 860 
Fax: 217,994,869

Portuguese Association of Higher Polytechnic Institutes (ADISPOR) 

Contact details:
Address: Rua D. Estefania No. 195, 5 esq 
1000-155 Lisbon 
Phone: 213 511 690 
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