Portugal as a Study Destination

Portugal is located in south-west Europe. The country sits on the Iberian Peninsula, and is bordered by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal is a blend of old and new cultures. The architecture of Portugal is a testament to the extensive cultural diversity prevailing in the country. It is one of the most traditional countries in the EU. The country has its own style of music, known as “Fado”.

Portugal in Brief

Capital: Lisbon
Official language: Portuguese
Government: Unitary parliamentary, constitutional republic
Recognised regional language: Mirandese
Currency: Euro (€)
Calling code: 351
Internet domain: .pt

Reasons to Study Abroad in Portugal

If you're a student looking for an interesting and stimulating study abroad destination, Portugal is the place to be. It is cosmopolitan and warm country with vibrant environment attracting pupils from all over the world. Portugal is a home to many well-known higher education institutions. Portugal has adopted Bologna process and in accordance with the system, Portuguese universities provide three cycles of degrees. Following are the reasons to study abroad in Portugal:

Worldwide Recognition

Portugal higher education institutions are recognised worldwide. Since 1290, Portuguese universities have been into existence. The University of Coimbra is the oldest university, now in Coimbra and its study programmes in Philosophy, Law and Sociology and considered one of the best in the world. 

Portugal universities were ranked in the top 700 in the QS World University Rankings, 2013-14. The University of Porto was placed at 343rd, the Universidade Nova de Lisboa was at 353rd position, the University of Coimbra was ranked at 358th, and the Catholic University of Portugal (Universidade Catolica Portuguesa) Lisboa and the University of Lisbon were in the band 551–600.

Authentic and Real European Experience

Every year many international students come to study in Portugal under the EU Erasmus student exchange program. The Portuguese qualifications are recognized all over the EU, thus allowing to study at any other institution in Europe. 

Quality Education

Education plays a significant role in Portuguese history. In Portugal, there are many higher education institutions offering a wide range of courses in diverse fields. Porto has a well-known and recognised school of architecture. The Centre for Social Studies (CES) in Coimbra and Lisbon is well-known for its PhD programmes. Evora, situate in Alentejo has a long history with social sciences; and Lisbon with both Engineering and social sciences. 

Affordable Country

Portugal is inexpensive in terms of living as well as study in comparison to other northern and western EU countries. 

Learn a New Language

Portuguese is the official language in Portugal. By staying in Portugal, you can easily learn Portuguese and explore Portuguese culture and history. Portuguese is the official language for 9 countries- Cape Verde, Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, East Timor, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, and Equatorial Guinea. 

Modern and Relaxed Way of Living

Portugal is safe, affordable and a stable country. It is modern and dynamic country with a mix of different cultures and high standard of living. 

Opens up Doors for the Future

Studying in Portugal opens up the door for the future. There are several opportunities that you can gain access to.  You can work in local start-up or large international firms. There are innumerable opportunities.

The unique blend of climate, history, location, infrastructure, quality education and higher education institutions, costs of study and living, and safety, makes Portugal a great study abroad destination.
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