Scholarships to Study in Portugal

In Portugal, scholarships are available to students. Both the Government and higher education institutions offer scholarships to international students for study in Portugal.

Scholarships offered by the government are mainly funded through the Directorate General of Higher Education (DGES). Scholarships offered to international students are funded by the Portuguese Institute for Development Apoioao or the Instituto Camoes (Instituto Portugues de Apoioao Desenvolvimento or the Instituto Camoes).

Portugal being the member of the EU takes part in all EU-derived scholarships, like Erasmus Mundus programmes, etc. In Portugal, there are several private and semi-private organizations and institutes which offer scholarships for study in Portuguese language and culture, sciences, and technology. Following are the different scholarships being provided in Portugal:
  • Instituto Camoes scholarships for studies of Portuguese language and culture
  • Instituto Portugues de Apoioao Desenvolvimento scholarships for general studies 
  • Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia scholarships for studies in the field of science and technology

Type of Scholarships and Granting Organization

Merit-based Scholarship

The Directorate General of Higher Education (DGES) offers merit-based scholarships for all educational levels and in all study programmes by the means of public funding. 

Applying process: Students can apply for merit-based scholarships directly at the higher education institution, through the on-campus offices of either Social services, or SAS (Servicos de Acao Social) or Social Action Office (GAS, or Gabinete de Acao Social).

Scholarships for Post-Graduate Studies

Scholarships for post-graduate study are also offered to international students, but are restricted to only a few study programmes, i.e. particularly those related to Portuguese culture and language; and some highly specialized fields. These scholarships are managed by the Instituto Camoes for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The government has got into partnerships with many international higher education institutions in order to offer scholarships for post-graduate programme, mainly in the fields of advanced manufacturing, bioengineering, engineering design, transportation, and sustainable energy.  

In addition, the Foundation for Science and Technology (Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia) awards about 1,000 scholarships every year for post-graduate studies in science and technology. The foundation pays a certain amount that ranges between €750 and €2,500 a year depending on the study level and other things. 

Conditions for Scholarships

The conditions for scholarships vary depending on with the study level and the granting institution. Few general conditions/ requirements for scholarships:

Visa Requirement-
The students from EU/EEA do not need a visa in order to study at Portuguese higher education institution. 
International students do require a visa, and they can apply for it at the Portuguese embassy in their country of residence. 

Qualification Recognition-
International pupils must have their qualifications recognized in order to gain admittance into the study programme of their choice.

Health Insurance-
EU students must use the European Health Card to take the healthcare benefits. International students must have a private insurance, however for developing countries the insurance is covered in the scholarship.

Scholarships for International Students

Government Scholarships

The Portuguese government offers 1-month scholarship for studies in the area of education. 

The Instituto Camoes offers scholarships in the area of Portuguese language and culture. This scholarship is for 12 months

Also, 8-month scholarship is offered to pupils studying Portuguese at an international university. A monthly stipend of €450, with an extra amount of –euro-375- in the first month is given.  The candidates’ age must be below 45 years and must be accepted by the university. 

The Portuguese Institute for Development Apoioao (Instituto Portugues de Apoioao Desenvolvimento) offers scholarships to pupils from historic Portuguese foreign territories to study in Portugal. These scholarships cover fee, monthly stipend, course material and an accommodation costs.

Scholarships by Higher Education Institutions

Individual higher education institutions offer scholarships and support to students, based on merit or financial need.  EU students are eligible for the support. International students must contact the institution to know about their eligibility for the support.

For more details see Education Funding
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