DAPLE- Advanced Diploma in Portuguese Foreign Language

DAPLE- Advanced Diploma in Portuguese Foreign Language  

The DAPLE (Advanced Diploma in Portuguese Foreign Language) corresponds to the Common European Framework level of Reference for Languages level C1. This level indicates an advanced level of command of Portuguese. The candidates are able to understand and produce written and oral texts provided for this level easily. They have the knowledge of structures, idiomatic expressions, and know the intrinsic relation of the language to culture. 
They are able to use language in an innovative, flexible and appropriate way in any kind of situation. This level enables the individuals to use Portuguese as the language of communication in work, study and everyday situations. 

This level has five parts-
  • Reading Comprehension 
  • Written Expression 
  • Structural competence 
  • Understanding the Oral
  • Utterance
Every part has 20% weightage of the total

DAPLE Structure

Reading Comprehension

This part has two sections:
Section 1: Requires general understanding of the texts. 2 texts are given in this section.
Section 2: Requires a thorough understanding of the texts. Two texts are given in this section.
  • Duration: 1 hour
This part indicates that Portuguese users are able to use the language in day-to-day communications, in the workplace and while studying. They understand the texts that do not need a specialized knowledge of Portuguese, or articles, letters, reports, instructions, within their field.

Written Expression

This part consists of two sections:
Section 1: Includes writing of a text on an activity related to education, public or professional field. 
Section 2: Requires producing one or more texts from a set of topics given. The text must be about 200-230 words.
  • Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
This part indicates that in day-to-day communications, in workplace and study, Portuguese users are able to write in the language. They can write texts, different types of letters, take notes, and prepare reports, albeit with infrequent errors.

Structural Competence

This part requires the candidates to complete or organize the text/sentence.
  • Duration: 1 hour
In this part, the candidates must show that they are able to react appropriately to objects which assess the knowledge of: tenses, verbal moods, noun forms, compound and subordinate constructions, correspondence between gerund and infinitive, conjunctive with the same meaning; idiomatic expressions which depicts the conditions of people or events.

Understanding the Oral

This part has three sections: 
Section 1: Includes one long and many brief radio texts. Candidates must understand the text and answer questions accordingly.
Section 2: Includes one long and many short dialogues. 
Section 3: Includes an extract from a meeting or conference.
  • Duration:  40 minutes
This part indicates that the Portuguese users are able to understand the informal conversations, jokes, movies and plays, television and radio program content; and information of the lecture or seminar. They are able to understand the language encountered in the day-to-day, work and study situations. 


This part has three sections:
Section 1: This section includes a conversation between examiner and candidate, and questions about candidates are asked
Section 2: This section includes interaction between two candidates on problem-solving or planning an activity
Section 3: This section requires the candidates to give their opinion on the stimuli given by the examiner 
  • Duration:  20 minutes with each pair 
This part of DAPLE indicates that the Portuguese users are able to communicate in day-to-day situations, at workplace and study. They are able to interact effortlessly in the language, express their views effectively and easily, take part in seminars and meetings, talk over phone in circumstances related to work, and give presentation. They are familiar with the nuances of the language. 


Candidates who attain a score between 85% and 100% are classified as “Very Good”.
Candidates who attain a score between 70% and 84% are given the rating as “Good”.
Candidates who attain a score between 55% and 69% are given the rating as “Enough”.
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